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What is Pinterest’s Shuffles? Everything You Need To Know About The New App

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Pinterest’s new Shuffles app is taking over social media. Shuffles allows users to create interactive collages and mood boards. You can use this app to plan out your outfits, hairstyles, and the home of your dreams.

How Does Pinterest Shuffles App Work

When you first open Shuffles, the app will prompt you to log into your Pinterest account. Then you will have to enter an invite code to gain access to the app. 

Once you gain access to the app, you will be able to click on Pinterest boards associated with your Pinterest account. When you click on a Pinterest board, you will be able to create collages out of the photos pinned on that board. Shuffles also allows you to upload your personal photos to use in collages or mood boards you are creating. 


How To Create Collages / Mood boards In Shuffles

Shuffles makes creating collages and mood boards easy. You can customize any project within the app in seconds. You can cut out images for projects with a single tap and organize those images in the way you like by dragging your finger around the screen. Shuffles also has a feature that allows you to animate images on your collage or moldboard. 

If you need help with creating a collage or mood board, you can collaborate with others to create a project.

How To Share Your Shuffles Project

Shuffles provides users with multiple ways of sharing their projects. You can send your projects privately to other people within the app. You can also collaborate with others to create projects. 

You can save your collage to your phone and send your projects out via message or other social media platforms. You can share your collage to your friends and community within the app. You can also share your collage with everyone (friends and strangers) within the app by using hashtags.

How To Access The App

Shuffles is currently an invite-only app. To access the app, you must have an invite code. 


Where To Get Pinterest Shuffle Codes

You can get Pinterest Shuffle Codes multiple ways. A current user can share one of their three to five codes with you. You can join the waitlist to get access to the app. Alternatively you can get codes by searching social media platforms like TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat, and Instagram. People often search Twitter, TikTok, Instagram for the codes using the following hashtags: #shuffles, #shufflesbypinterest, “Shuffles invite code.” Plus, Pinterest’s Instagram Stories post new Shuffle codes daily.

Do you have access to the app? Feel free to share one of your invite codes below.

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