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Fox’s New Series ‘Our Kind of People’ Is Our Type Of Show

Fox Our Kind of People Promo Picture

Fox’s Our Kind of People is a new drama series that is inspired by Lawerence Otis Graham’s novel, Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class. Graham’s novel gives readers a peek inside the Black elite community. He details the who’s – who’s of major U.S. cities. He also includes images of those people. Graham, himself, was a member of the Black elite community. He was an American attorney and New York Times best-selling author. The novel is definitely a must read if you want to learn about the Black elites.  

Fox’s  drama series is set in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, a community on Martha’s Vineyard filled with Black elites. The series is centered around two Black families (the Franklin Duponts and the Vaughns) from different socioeconomic statuses that interact because of their relationship to hair.

The series follows Angela Vaughn and her family who just moved to Oak Bluffs. The Vaughns moved to Oak Bluffs to grow Angela’s late mother’s haircare business, Eve’s Crown. The Vaughn’s were not welcomed into town with open arms. Leah Franklin-DuPont of the wealthy Franklin-Dupont family is determined to keep the Vaughns out of her inner circle. She is doing so, while she is battling with her own family dramas.


Watch the first episode of the series on the Fox website.


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