Martin Luther King Jr at the March on Washington 1963

Fortnite Made A MLK Game and Twitter Reacted

Fortnite is partnering with TIME Studios to create the virtual experience March Through Time, where gamers can virtually experience the 1963 March on Washington for Freedom and Jobs

March Through Time will allow gamers to time travel to 1963, where they can attend the March on Washington. The March will include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s likeness and his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech. 

According to the Epic Games news releaseMarch Through Time will also include educational resources like collaborative games and pop-up galleries to enhance the experience. 

Public Reactions To March Through Time Announcement

The public is having mixed views about March Through Time. Some people are looking forward to the release of this feature and others believe that this feature will cause adolescents to remember King as “the Fornite guy”.

This virtual experience can be beneficial and/or detrimental to the preservation and remembrance of Black History depending on how it is used. If this feature is used properly, it can expose more people to Black history and encourage them to explore Black history independently. On the other hand, this new feature can cause a generation of people to remember and refer to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as “the Fornite guy”.

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