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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram’s Notes Feature

If you have been on Instagram recently, you may have noticed a new section above your direct messages. This section features your follower’s profile picture along with a message over top of their images. This feature is referred to as “notes” where users have the option to add a 60-character message or “note” to their account.  This feature has been compared to AIM away messages and Twitter thoughts feature, which allows users to leave a 280-character message on their profile.

What Are Instagram Notes?

Instagram notes allow users to use 60 characters or less to post a message to their account. Notes can include letters, special characters, and emojis. 


How To Use Instagram Notes?

Step 1: You click the “paper airplane” icon you use to get to your direct messages.

Step 2: Click your profile picture at the top and then clip “Leave a new note”.

Step 3: Click “Share what’s on your mind”.

Step 4: Click “Share with” to choose to share your note with Followers or Close Friends.

Step 5: Click Share in the top right to share your note.


How To View Instagram Notes?

You can click on the profile picture that you can currently see or scroll horizontally for more posts.

What Happens When You Reply To Instagram Notes?

When you reply to a note someone, you will be prompted a screen that includes the emoji options and a field to type out a message reply. Replies to notes will be sent to the DMs. (This method of replying is like Instagram stories).

How To Share Instagram Notes?

Notes can be shared with all your followers or just your close friends list.

How Long Does Instagram Notes Last?

Notes last 24 hours before disappearing. You have the option to delete the note before the 24 hours end by clicking your photo in the Notes feed and clicking “delete a note”.


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