My 2023 Hair Goals

My hair goal for this year is to create a hair routine that leads to healthy hair and promotes hair retention. I will do so by prioritizing scalp care and using ‘natural’ hair products.

1. Prioritizing scalp care

Scalp care is important because our hair grows from our scalp. Your scalp being clogged with oils and product buildup can prevent your hair from growing at its full potential. To prioritize my scalp care, I will be following the four steps below. 

Step 1: I will massage my scalp every other day. 

Step 2: I will cleanse my scalp in sections and apply the cleanser directly onto my scalp.

Step 3: I will properly dry my scalp with a diffuser or cotton shirt on wash day.

Step 4: I will incorporate scalp scrubs, cleansers, masks, and oils into my haircare routine.

2) Stop following hair trends/ ads

I will try hair products that are not advertised to curly or coily hair. I want to test if natural hair products are bandaging my hair problems or if they really work. I also will use products with ‘natural’ ingredients like shea butter, grapeseed oil, and flaxseed gel.

3) Create a hair regimen/ routine

I will create a hair routine that I can maintain with my schedule. My routine will include daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance of my hair. The routine will focus on hair health and length retention.

 What are your hair goals for this year?

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