Dawn dish soap cleans dishes, hands, and even animals caught in an oil spill. In this article we will be answering two pressing questions amongst others. The first question is, can Dawn dish soap clean natural hair? The second question is, does Dawn promote hair growth? Continue reading below for the answers.

Can You Wash Your Hair with Dawn Dish Soap?

Yes, you can wash your hair with Dawn dish soap. The purpose of dish soap is to effectively clean your dishes and utensils. Although dish soap is not a haircare product, it works in a similar way on your hair as it does on your dishes.

What Does Dawn Dish Soap Do To Your Hair?

Dawn dish soap is known for doing two things to hair when used as a haircare product. 

  1. Dawn can remove large amounts of dandruff and product buildup from your hair. 
  2. Dawn can lighten and remove hair dye when used regularly.

Will Dawn Dish Soap Make Your Hair Grow?

Dawn dish soap is not formulated to promote hair growth. The dish soap was made with sulfates to remove dirt from dishes. Sulfates are a great cleaning agent, but it can dry out your hair making it prone to breakage. 

Should You Wash Your Hair with Dawn Dish Soap? 

I would not recommend anyone with natural hair to wash their hair with Dawn dish soap regularly. The ingredients of the soap can be harsh on your hair leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. 

How To Shampoo Hair with Dawn Dish Soap? 

For those that are adventurous and want to try out this trend for themselves, follow the steps listed below. 

Step 1: Pre-Poo your hair with your oil of choice 

Step 2: Dilute the Dawn dish soap with water

Step 3: Wash your hair as normal with diluted mixture 

Step 4: Deep condition your hair


You can wash your hair with Dawn dish soap, but I do not recommend it. Regular use of Dawn can leave your hair dry and prone to breakage. 

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