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My Hair Journal

How To Trim Natural Hair At Home?

If you do not trim your hair routinely, it can cause you to experience excessive hair breakage from split ends and fairy knots. If you have not found a hairstylist that you trust, trim your hair at home using the same methods that work for me.

How To Achieve A Long-Lasting, Defined Wash N Go On Type 4 Hair?

A wash and go is the perfect hairstyle to try as a beginner transitioning to natural. Check out this post to see how to achieve this look for your hair type.

28 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural

In this post, I typed 28 things that I learned from my natural hair journey that I wish I knew before going natural. Click here to learn from my experience.

How To Blow Dry Natural Hair At Home?

Natural hair is very versatile and that’s why I love it. I usually wear my hair curly, but when I want a change, I blow out my hair. Check out my process here.

5 Natural Hair Growth Tips For Every Hairtype

Black girls have long hair, too! And it doesn’t not have to be a hard process. Read this article for easy hair growth tips that you can implement right now.

How To Do A Sleek Ponytail on Natural Hair?

Sleek buns on natural hair is a look that is now possible for all.

5 Affordable Natural Hair Products That Actually Work

This list has all the essential the budget-friendly natural hair products that live up to their description. Save your money and time with the products below.

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