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Revolutionary Journalist Ida B. Wells Is Added To Barbie’s Inspiring Women Series

Ida B. Wells is the latest addition to Barbie’s Inspiring Women Series that previously featured Rosa Parks and Ella Fitzgerald. Click here to learn about the Wells’ impact on American journalism.

Here Is What I Learned From Reading bell hooks

bell hooks was a writer, professor, and literature critic whose work resonated with me. Her literature inspired me to write and encouraged me to read. Click here to see what I learned.

Claudette Colvin, The Girl That Came Before Rosa Parks, Files To Get Her Record Cleared From 1955

Before Rosa Parks, there was Claudette Colvin. Claudette Colvin refused to move to the back of a segregated bus in Alabama, months before Rosa Parks.

Josephine Baker’s Pantheon Burial Makes History

American-born entertainer Josephine Baker is the first Black woman to be honored with a Panthéon burial. Learn more about her inspiring life and why she is being honored.

The Untold Story of Lucille Times, Organizer of the 1st Montgomery Bus Boycott

Civil Rights Legend Lucille Times began a Montgomery Bus Boycott six months before the one you know about today. Learn more about her today.

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