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Black History

Go On A Virtual Field Trip during Black History Month

Google Earth can be used for more than locations. It is a fun and interactive tool that you can now use to learn Black history.

Free Black History Documentaries That Will Teach You Everything Your Teacher Did Not

Black History Month is here! It’s the perfect time to learn Black historical facts. I created a list of Black historical documentaries that are will teach you interesting historical facts that you would never learn in school. 

Free Black Historical Sites and Museums To Visit In Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is enriched in Black history. Check out these Black historical sites and museums during your next visit to the city. 

Inspirational Quotes for Black History Month

We compiled a list of Black History Month quotes for days when you need motivation, inspiration, and empowerment. Check out the list of quotes here.

Black History Month Then and Now

The history behind Black History. Who created Black History Month? Why is Black History Month in February? How did Black History Month become a month long celebration? All of your pressing Black History Month questions answered, here.

The History Behind D.C. Emancipation Day

On April 16 1862, Former U.S. President Lincoln signed the D.C. Compensated Emancipation Act of 1862 into law.

Do We Agree Black History Month Should Be Renamed Black Future Month?

There has been chatter on social media about renaming Black History Month to Black Future Month, thanks to a tweet by Kanye West proposing the latter name. What are your thoughts? Read on for my thoughts.

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