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Affordable Back To School Outfits (Under $25)

Go Back To School shopping with Walmart! Their fashion section has a lot of trendy pieces. Check out the items I handpicked for college students

How To Make Your Dorm Room Look Bigger Instantly?

Dorm rooms are known for being small. There are different ways you can design your room to make it look bigger.

The Ultimate College Packing List For Black Girls (Includes Everything You Will Ever Need)

We created a checklist with all of your dorm essentials, which includes the following topics on this list: dorm decor, class supplies, technology, medicine, snacks, toiletries, beauty, and cleaning.

Barbiecore Dorm Decor: Transform Your Dorm Into Barbie’s Dream House

Barbiecore is an aesthetic that encompasses everything Barbie related. We rounded up dorm decor that let you live the Barbie dream such as dorm bedding and wall art.

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