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How To-Guide

How To Plop Your Curls For Frizz Free Hair

Plopping will help you get defined curls every wash day. Keep reading to see how to plop your hair. 

How To Maintain Your Silk Press?

Caring for texturized natural hair is different than caring for pressed natural hair. Learn the differences below.

How To Do A Silk Press On Natural Hair?

Try a silk press at home! It gives you a sleek look that you cannot get with water, gel, and a brush. I created this guide for a silk press without heat damage.

How To Trim Natural Hair At Home?

If you do not trim your hair routinely, it can cause you to experience excessive hair breakage from split ends and fairy knots. If you have not found a hairstylist that you trust, trim your hair at home using the same methods that work for me.

A $20 Sugar Wax Transformed My Beauty Routine

I have a beauty find from Amazon that I tried, and I would recommend it to any and everyone. 

How To Part-in The Back of Your Head?  

If you are installing box braids, cornrows, faux locs, mini twists or any other protective style on your own, these natural hair hacks will help you neatly part the back of your head every time.  

Got2B Glue Install & Removal Guide For Wigs

You can install your wig with got2b glue or a velcro wig grip. Keep reading to learn how to install and remove wigs that are applied using got2b glue.

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