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Everything You Need To Know About BeReal, Gen-Z’s Unfiltered Instagram

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What Is BeReal?

BeReal is an unfiltered social media app that is designed for you to share authentic content. BeReal is a French social media company created by Alexis Barreyat in 2020. The app has gained popularity in the United States from marketing on American college campuses. 

How Does BeReal Work?

BeReal is a social media app that sends users a random notification once a day, where they prompt users to take a picture (within the app) and send it to their friends. Users are given two minutes to take the picture. The picture that is taken captures a picture of your face and your environment using the front and back camera on your phone. The interface of this app feature resembles the interface of FaceTime where you have a large rectangle and a small rectangle in the corner of the screen showing your face.

How To Use BeReal?



Step 1: Download the App. 

You can download BeReal in the Apple Store for iOS devices or Google Store for Android devices.

Step 2: Sign Up to BeReal.

When you sign up for BeReal, you will be asked for sensitive information like your name, birthdate, phone number, camera access, notification access, location, and access to your contacts. You can have a choice on what access to grant to the app. Be mindful that the application works best when you grant access to your camera and allow notifications. 

Access to your camera allows you to take the daily photo within the app. Allowing notifications allows you to be prompted when to take the daily photo.


Step 3: Make your first post.

You will be prompted to take your first photo during the creation of your account. You can decide to post the photo to the global feed or to your friends. You can also add a caption to the photo once posted.

How To Interact With People On BeReal?

You can interact with your friends on BeReal by commenting and sending RealMojis. You can interact with strangers by sending RealMojis. 

How Is BeReal Different From Other Apps?

  • You must make a daily post (take a daily photo) before you can view your friends’ posts.
  • You can only delete one post a day.
  • You have a selected number of photo retakes a day.
  • Your feed deletes every day.
  • You cannot upload filtered photos.

Commonly Asked Questions


Can you post an image after the daily two-minute deadline? Yes, you can post an image after the daily two-minute deadline. Your post will have a time identification on it documenting how much time past the deadline your posts is.

Can you save your daily feed before it deletes? Yes, you can save your daily post in Memories.

What are RealMojis On BeReal? RealMojis are images of you acting out emojis. For example, the thumbs up emoji would be a picture of you with your thumbs up in replace of the actual emoji.


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