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Amandla Stenberg Brought Black American Culture to the Met Gala

Amandla Stenberg Instagram Photos

2021 Met Gala had the looks. One look (or hair look, that is) that stood out to me was Amandla Stenberg’s hair. It was interesting, thought provoking and told a story. Stenberg’s hair was styled into straight back cornrows with a durag. A durag is a node to Black American culture. Durags are fabric head covers used by Black Americans for fashion and/or haircare. Durags can be used to preserve natural hairstyles. They are also used by fashionistas or style savvy people as hair accessories to add a street flair to their look. 

Amandla Stenberg’s 2021 Met Gala Hair

Stenberg is no stranger when it comes to wearing braids. But this look was like no other. Stenberg’s hairstylist, Vernon François, created a durag out of her braids. 

Amandla Stenberg Met Gala 2021 Durag Hair
Amandla Stenberg at the 2021 Met Gala. (Photo/ Getty Images)

François took to Instagram to document the inspiration and creation of the braided look. Check out the post here:


It reads:  “This is a first for me ~ creating a durag MADE WITH hair, instead of from material to cover the hair. It complements, elevates, and balances @amandlastenberg overall look, while reflecting the theme of the night. The tie at the back is transformed into a dramatic train. I love how Amandla takes full ownership of it.”


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