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Affordable Back To School Outfits (Under $25)

Walmart has it all! Walmart is a true one stop shop for all your essentials at an affordable price. Personally, I believe everyone should visit Walmart just to go clothes shopping. Oftentimes, when I am at Walmart, I see people walk right past the clothing section and I am here to tell you that you should explore that section during your next visit to the store. Why may you ask? Because Walmart fashion has improved over the years. I know this because I am a regular Walmart shopper. I used to shop their clothing section for basic items like graphic tees, dad hats, and hoodies. But now I shop at their Scoop and Time and Tru collection every time they have a new drop. The Scoop and Time and Tru collection have purses, dresses, and shoes that are on trend with looks that large fashion brands are releasing, but for a lower price. 

Check out my favorite items that are currently at Walmart. Each garment is handpicked for different scenarios that a student may encounter on and off campus.

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Casual Outfits

Business Casual





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