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A Simple Guide On How To Use Meta’s Threads Today

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Threads is a text-based social media platform created by Meta, the parent company of Facebook. Threads was released by Meta on Wednesday, July 5, 2023. The app’s text-based focal point has many comparing this app to its predecessor, Twitter.

If you are interested in learning how Threads work and how the app currently compares to Twitter, keep reading.

How To Sign Up For Threads? 

  1. Download Threads in the app store. 
  2. Connect your Instagram account to login. 
  3. Choose if you want to import your Instagram profile picture and bio from or create a new profile within Threads. 
  4. Choose if you want your account to be public or private.
  5. Choose if you want to follow account(s) from your Instagram account. 
  6. Read an information page that gives brief insight about the new app. 
  7. Tap “Join Threads” to join.

How To Use Threads? 

How To Make A New Post? 

To create a post on Threads, tap the writing pad icon (pen and notepad) and type up to 500 characters. You can also add photos and videos up to 5 minutes long to your Threads post by clicking the attachment icon (paper clip). 


How To Interact Posts on Threads? 

You can like a post, leave a comment, and repost content.  You can also read the responses to a thread. 

How To Delete Threads? 

If you want to delete your Threads account, you must delete the Instagram account that you used to sign up for Threads. 

How Is Threads Different From Twitter? 

As of today, Threads is different from Twitter because Threads:

  • Connects to an Instagram account making it apart of the Fediverse (Fediverse is a type of social media network that allows users to follow and interact with people amongst different platforms) 
  • Does not have a similar ‘What’s Happening’ section as Twitter
  • Does not group content by hashtags 
  • Does not allow users to search keyword for specific threads
  • Does not have a chronological timeline
  • Only mobile

What are your thoughts on Threads? Will you be downloading the app?

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