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My 2024 Ins and Outs: Beauty & Lifestyle Edition

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Hey bestie, it’s your Internet BFF, Kaylannk here! Let’s talk 2024 ins and outs.

2024 is sure to be a beauty and lifestyle roller coaster, packed with trends as daring as a winged eyeliner and as cozy as a Ugg throw. But where do you start? Here! I’ve sifted through the hype and curated the best ins and outs list for 2024.



Our Beauty Ins and Outs


  • Skinimalism: Embrace your natural glow. Think dewy base, strategic blush, and bold brows. Less is more!
  • Multi-Purpose Makeup: Products that are multi-purpose are in. Tinted SPF? Lip & cheek stains? Sign me up! 
  • Sustainable Sparkle: Eco-conscious beauty is growing! From refillable compacts to vegan formulas, look good and feel good knowing you’re saving the planet.


  • Heavy Contouring: The sculpted cheekbones of yesteryear are out. Embrace your unique bone structure with a softer, natural look.
  • Glitter Overload: Think dewy highlighter or a touch of iridescent shadow for a touch of glam.
  • Harmful Ingredients: Parabens, sulfates, and silicones are getting the boot. Remember to nourish your skin, not harm it!

Our Lifestyle Ins and Outs


  • Hygge Home: Cozy vibes are reigning supreme. Think soft blankets and cloud couches.
  • Culinary Creativity: Let’s get cooking! Experiment with flavors, support local farmers, and enjoy homemade meals.
  • Digital Detox: Unplug and recharge! Take breaks from social media and savor real-life connections.
  • Sustainable Swaps: Reduce, reuse, recycle! From reusable water bottles (Stanley cups are my fav) to second-hand designer finds, make eco-conscious choices that benefit you and the planet. 


  • FOMO Frenzy: Stop comparing your life to content. Embrace your real world experiences and celebrate your achievements. 
  • Burnout Culture: Hustle culture is out, and self-care is in. Prioritize rest, relaxation, and activities that bring you joy. 
  • Fast Fashion Frenzy: Invest in quality pieces that last and are evergreen, instead of chasing ever changing trends. 

Remember, these are just my educational guesses for 2024 (and hopes for the new year).


Written with lots of care, 


Your Internet BFF

P.S. Share your ins and outs for 2024 in the comments below.

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